What is Hypnobirthing?

It sounds a little bit fluffy and maybe a little bit hippy doesn’t it? But you’ve heard the term Hypnobirthing thrown around since you’ve announced your pregnancy and its piqued your interest.

But what is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is complete birth preparation. Preparing you, your body and your mind for the most positive birth experience for you.

The tools and techniques learned are aimed at supporting a calmer, relaxed and more positive birth experience. Although many make use of Hypnobirthing in order to achieve a natural, unassisted vaginal birth. This is by no means a prerequisite, the tools and techniques are applicable to ALL births from natural and unassisted, to inductions and right through to planned or emergency caesarean sections.

But why the name?

The name can often be off putting. A better name would probably be Birth Psychology or Positive Birthing. The ‘Birthing‘ part is pretty self explanatory. You are learning and understanding your birth.

  • The biology of how your body will birth your baby
  • The environment you will birth in
  • The choices you may come across during or ahead of your birth.

The ‘Hypno‘ part comes from Hypnotherapy. This provides you with the tools and techniques that can be used throughout your pregnancy and birth.

  • Releasing the fear of birth
  • Inducing calm and relaxation
  • Provide pain relief and increased physical comfort.

Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation programme that provides relevant, fairly simple and common sense approach to birth. It prepares you to birth in a calm and peaceful manner. Covering an array of tools and techniques all supporting a positive birth experience.

Why do I need to release fear around birth?

The impact of fear on birth vary from person to person. Interfering with birth until it slows or stall labour. It can trigger tension and muscle tightness, limiting the bodies ability to work efficiently during labour. It can have a significantly impact the production of the hormones our body relies upon to birth our baby. The release of this fear not only allows for a more positive pregnancy without the ongoing anxiety surrounding your upcoming birth, it allows for birth to progress more efficiently and effectively.

What are the hypnobirthing tools and techniques?

Breathing, visualisations, massage and deep relaxation techniques are just a few of the tools and techniques which are used as part of removing the fear that surrounds birth, inducing calm and relaxation and increasing comfort or reducing paint. Even better, these techniques can be incorporated into everyday life, through out pregnancy and once baby is earth side.

What about the pain?

Pain is the hot topic when it comes to Hypnobirthing. Is it really possible to reduce the pain of birth? Yes. The tools and techniques that are learnt are there to support in avoiding or reducing pain and negative sensations of birth. Some people will go on to birth without feeling pain, just feeling pressure or power. Whereas others may say the sensations were strong or intense but nothing unmanageable, therefore not triggering fear or tension.

What do I need to know about the biology of birth?

Understanding your birthing body initially removes another layer of fear. It takes away part of the unknown, as birth is not really something we see that often, if ever. By knowing the biology of birth, we can work with our bodies rather than against it to encourage a better birthing experience.

Does my environment really affect my birth?

By creating a birthing environment that is suited just for you, you will feel safer, protected, private, dignified, empowered. All environments can be adapted, sometimes it just needs a little bit of creativity and forward planning.

What choices will I need to make?

Throughout pregnancy your will be inundated with choices, from picking the right pushchair, the perfect cot or even baby’s first outfit. But some of the most important choices you make will be related to your health care. This may be during or ahead of your labour. Being informed and knowledgeable about birth can help you make the right decisions for YOU.

Ready to start?