Letter to my Baby

Letter to My Baby

Letter to my baby

Even before we see the two little lines on the pregnancy test, we have so much we want for our baby. There is so much we want them to see, experience and to feel. Once they arrive, we want even more for them. Sometimes it is hard to truly explain, even to ourselves how we feel about this tiny little human we are growing. There are not enough words to explain the love of a parent to their child.

Here is a letter shared with me, A mummy-to-be for her baby.....

To my baby, 

We haven’t even met yet , but I know so much about you and I already love you beyond belief. These 9 months that I have carried you with me, So proud of my body for creating you, growing you and keeping you safe until you are ready to meet us. And I would do it all again, just for you, my little baby.

The day will come soon when I can hold you. I’ll see your beautiful face, feel your soft skin and smell your wonderful newness. Saying I am excited for your arrival into this world doesn’t cover a fraction of how I feel.

In our time ahead, I want to be the parent that you deserve. With so many wishes, hopes and dreams for you.

I wish for you to be so happy and can follow your heart.

I hope you feel our unconditional love every day. This love is already so strong.

I dream that you will have your own dreams to pursue. Knowing I will always be there for you.

There is a journey ahead of us both. Its going to challenge everything we have ever known. But I know it’s a journey I would make a thousand times over, just for you, my baby.

All my love

Your Mummy, 

I hope you enjoyed reading a ‘letter to my baby’, I love that this mummy-to-be has taken the time during pregnancy to stop and write some of her most important feelings, What a beautiful letter to share with her baby one day.

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